How To Delete Those Annoying Default iPhone Apps

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Photo: Flickr / jwordsmith

Apple’s mobile operating system comes pre-loaded with a bunch of default apps like Weather and Contacts.Some will find them indispensable, but if you don’t use them, you’re stuck with a bunch of useless apps hogging screen space. There’s no way to uninstall them without jailbreaking.

Until now, we learn via Lifehacker.

The sharp mind behind Ragemasta (he goes by @maty1500 on Twitter) has developed a way to end the frustration surrounding the un-deletable apps.

Scroll down to see the list of apps you can pick from. Tap the one you want to nuke–I picked Contacts

The download will fail, but don't worry–it's supposed to!

If you tap and hold on an app until all the icons wiggle, you'll see that the Contacts app has an X in the top-left corner, meaning I can delete it

Confirm that you want to delete it

And just like that, it's gone

If you want to restore your default apps, you only need to restart your device

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