Reminder: Fox Sports Chose NOT To Fire The Guy Who Said Something WAY More Racist Than The ESPN Headline

jason whitlock

After Jeremy Lin finally lost, an ESPN headline writer wrote that there was a “chink in the armour.” 

The headline writer, Anthony Federico, says he didn’t intend to be racist and that he was just using a cliché.

He got fired anyway.

That’s probably fair.

His job is to write good headlines that don’t get ESPN in trouble.

He failed.

Failing at your job is normal reason to be fired.

What’s not fair is that Federico got fired and Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock did not.

You’ll recall that the night of Lin’s big win against the Lakers, Whitlock tweeted: “Some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple inches of pain tonight.”

Suggesting that because Lin is Asian he has a small sexual organ is indefensibly racist.

Suggesting that some lady is “lucky” because she’s going to feel “pain tonight,” is indefensibly misogynistic.

Both Whitlock and Federico apologized after their screw-ups.

I can imagine being OK with Federico keeping his job. “Chink in the armour” is in fact a normal sports cliché, and he might just not been thinking. There is room for doubt, at least.

There is no room for doubt about Whitlock and his belittling intentions. He said something that a cruel middle school bully would say. He should have been fired. He wasn’t. It’s odd.

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