Remember When Oracle Was Going To Put Android Out Of Business? It's Not Working Out ...

Larry Ellison

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Oracle has been forced to eat some crow in its ongoing lawsuit with Google over Android. Oracle is suing Google over alleged patent and copyright infringement in a case that made headlines for how insane the original estimated damages were.

At one point, Oracle calculated it was owed as much as $6.1 billion. When the judge told Oracle to come back to earth and recalculate damages, Oracle came back with about $2 billion.

These amounts were so high, Oracle was basically demanding more money in damages than Android has earned in its entire history. It seemed clear at the time that if Oracle won, Google might have no choice but to start charging handset makers for Android — or scrap the business altogether.

But the judge wasn’t buying that $2 billion figure, either.

“The value of this case to Oracle keeps getting smaller and smaller,” reports legal blog Groklaw on Oracle’s third attempt to come up with a figure.

Groklaw notes that Oracle has now submitted a new revised amount: $57.1 million is now the highest proposed figure for damages from the patent. Maximum damages from the copyright are $169 million. So now the suit tops out at about $226 million.

That’s still an awful lot of money but the final award — should Oracle win — would not be the end of Android.

That’s a big if, too. Oracle was forced to drop one patent from the suit, so it has less grounds to justify its damages.

Google, naturally, is arguing that even this third attempt is based on the same guesswork thinking that lead Oracle sue for billions in the first place.

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