Remember When Anderson Cooper Hosted 'The Mole' On ABC In 2001?

Earlier today we posted a clip from Anderson Cooper’s debut live-studio-audience experiment last Friday.

(UPDATE: Looks like so far it’s not giving Cooper the ratings boost he needs.)

Alex Weprin of WebNewser subsequently highlighted a segment from the show when Cooper “did his best Alex Trebek impersonation, and had his three guests Mary Matalin, Donna Brazile and John Leguizamo compete in a live version of the CNN Challenge.”

But a tipster reminds us that this was not Cooper’s first go-round as a game show host.

You might remember him as the season 1 host of ABC’s reality money-making competition “The Mole” back in 2001.


Well here’s some amazing vintage Anderson footage from his “Mole”-hosting days:

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