Remember The Lipstick Index? Well Here Comes The Hoisery Index

You know the Lipstick Index? The one in which it’s said that during bad economic times people buy little luxuries like lipstick to make themselves feel better? Well, as we mentioned over the weekend, that one’s up 40%.

Success breeds depression indexes, apparently. Or something like that.

Now, via the WSJ, we have the hoisery index: “U.S. sales of women’s hosiery rose 2.3% to reach $3.28 billion in the 12 months through September 30 compared with the same time period a year earlier.”

Some retailers are saying this rise is because of the same reasoning as the lipstick index—essentially that people want little luxuries so they’ll treat themselves to a fancy pair of pantyhose. It’s also a way to update an outfit when you can’t afford a whole new one.

We don’t entirely agree. We think that a surge in panty hose is because in this unsure economic climate people feel the need to look as professional as possible to keep, or get, their jobs. Going bare legged all year long, while easy and fashionable, might now seem careless and carefree in these more serious times.


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