The Stock Market Is A Thing Of Beauty

We were just looking at Simone Foxman’s feature on the history of the recession and recovery, as shown through maps of the United States.

There’s one map for each month going back through 2005, and each one shows each state in various shades of green or red, based on whether the state’s coincident economic indicators are improving or weakening.

One thing we thought was interesting was how close the top of the market coincided with the beginnings of the downturn in 2007.

Remember, the S&P peaked in June 2007, not long after the very first states started turning red.

In fact, this map for March 2007, was the last month prior the crisis when every state was still blue.


The red really started creeping in in June 2007, right as the market peaked.


Things got progressively redder from there on as the market tailspin began.

In November 2008, when things were really bad, almost all the states were red.


And the very worst map was in March 2009, when virtually all the states were bright red. Not coincidentally, March 2009 was the very bottom for the market.


Even by April 2009, the intensity of the declines was not as bad.


And then of course skipping ahead to now.

The market peaked in March 2012, and that’s when we had a very rare map entirely green.


People love to debate what makes the market go up or down.

We vote that the market is based on real economic fundamentals, just based on how nicely it corresponds with these maps.

See the full map-based history, here >

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