REJOICE! Slap-Chop Vince Is Back With A New, Insane Product

vince shlomi offer schticky

Vince Offer, the infomercial pitchman behind the Slap Chop and the ShamWow, has returned from hiatus to shill a new product, the Schticky. It removes lint.

The new ad comes with all of Vince’s trademarks: He bounces around the kitchen in a microphone headset making vague double-entendres, such as:

“Problem with that shedding pussy? [Over a visual of a cat on a sofa] … It’s slippery when wet, sticky when dry … Oh, you’re playing with your Schticky, I’m sorry.”

As usual, it’s both ridiculous and strangely compelling.

The ad even references his notorious run-in with the law when Offer was arrested after a bloody fist-fight with a prostitute in Miami in 2009. Standing in a faux police mug shot, Vince says, “Schticky makes you look your best, even for those unforgettable moments.”