Billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman still works 7 days a week

LinkedIn executive chairman and co-founder Reid Hoffman is one of the most successful people in tech.

He’s also one of the hardest working.

In addition to his role at LinkedIn, he’s a partner with Greylock Ventures, sits on countless boards (including Mozilla), and is an active angel investor in dozens more companies. A few of his most famous investments include Airbnb,, Facebook, Zynga.

And he volunteers on the boards of, MIT Media Lab, and supports a bunch of charitable causes.

Today he took the stage with his best friend Aneel Bhusri, the CEO of Workday, at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference being held this week in Aspen.

Fortune editor Adam Lashinsky told Hoffman he’d like to how he manages it all.

“So would I,” added Bhusri, which was a bit ironic. Bhusri is another of the hardest working guys in tech. In addition to being CEO, he’s also a VC with Greylock (Pure Storage, Okta, Cloudera, Tidemark), a board member at Intel, and a philanthropist.

Here’s how Hoffman does it:

  • He spends Mondays at Greylock.
  • He spends Tuesday through Friday at LinkedIn.
  • On the weekends, he “spends time on whatever fire burning brightest,” he says, and or, he spends time working on “something strategic” maybe doing more digging on an angel investment he’s contemplating or “on some project I want to move forward.”

In other words, he works seven days a week.

That’s why on his own LinkedIn profile under “Advice for Contacting Reid” he says, “Unfortunately, I’m extremely busy.”

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