REALITY CHECK: Regular People Are Having Pinterest Parties

If you thought that Pinterest might be a fad, check this out: suburban mums are throwing Pinterest-inspired parties now.

From Pinterest-inspired food and drinks to home accessories, female users are turning their Pinboards into reality.

“It’s a great excuse to have another girls’ time out, to have a couple of cocktail,” says one Pinterest party-goer. “Book club makes you feel bad about yourself sometimes. Right? It’s another book I never read.”

“For women, it is almost what SportsCenter is to a guy because you can literally sit in front of it and waste an entire day in front of the screen,” says another.

Female-centric businesses are also seeing the advantages of Pinterest. A company that makes an undershirt-type extension that covers the waste-line if your shirt is too short saw a surge of interest when women started repinning a photo of the product.

Check out the CBS report below featuring Pinterest Party mums.

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