Registrations To Win A Booking At The Fat Duck In Melbourne Have Opened For Just Two Weeks

The Fat Duck website. Register now or forever lick your lips.

English chef Heston Blumenthal is bringing one of the world’s most famous restaurants, The Fat Duck, to Melbourne’s Crown Resort in 2015, but the only way to get a table is via an electronic ballot which is open for just two weeks.

Blumenthal’s closing the English version for six months for renovations and moving lock, stockpot and barrels of wine to Crown between February 3 until August 15.

The restaurant will seat just 50 people and open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday to Saturday. The 14-course tasting meal will cost $525 per person and there’s a $675 per person chef’s table. Booze is extra.

Tables will mostly be for four, with a limited number for two to six diners as well.

To get one, you need to register in the online ballot, which is open now, until October 26.

More than 40,000 people are expected to register, with just 16,000 seats available.

The winning ballots will be chosen randomly and everyone who registered will be notified of the outcome by email on November 10. Bookings won’t be changeable, so select your preferences carefully.

When The Fat Duck closes in Melbourne, the chef will open a version of his London restaurant, Dinner By Heston Blumenthal, at Crown.

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