Reggie Miller Almost Joined "The Big Three" In Boston A Few Years Back

reggie miller indiana pacers nba

BOSTON – Reggie Miller had come to his old friend’s neighbourhood gym in the Malibu Hills, searching for a voice to trust, an honest assessment on this most tantalising proposition. The Boston Celtics had asked Miller to come out of a two-year retirement in the summer of 2007 and chase a championship with Kevin Garnett(notes), Paul Pierce(notes) and Ray Allen(notes).  The shots dropped out of the sky at the Calabasas Community centre, out of all those years past, and it barely mattered that Miller was the ungodly age of 42.

“My suggestion to him was, ‘Go for it,’ ” his old Pacers point guard, Mark Jackson, says now. “He had it in his tank to play again.”

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