The Replacement Refs Called A Phantom 27-Yard Penalty To Set Up The Game-Winning Field Goal For The Titans

Amid all the referee blunders from week three, this one from the Titans-Lions game somehow slipped through the cracks.

Basically, the refs marked off a 27-yard penalty instead of a 15-yard penalty in overtime, and the Titans were able to kick the field goal that won the game.

Here’s what went down:

The Titans had 2nd & 18 on their own 44 yard line when Jake Locker seemed to complete a pass over the middle, and a personal foul was called on the Lions for a helmet-to-helmet hit. The catch was reviewed and ruled incomplete, but the personal foul still stood.

But instead of marking off the penalty from the original line of scrimmage (the Tennessee 44 yard line), they marked it off from the Detroit 44 yard line — gifting the Titans an additional 12 yards, and making the penalty a 27-yarder where it should have been a 15-yarder. They basically forgot which 44 yard line the ball was on.

The Titans kicked a field goal, stopped the Lions on defence, and won 44-41.

titans penalty nonsense

Photo: Fox

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