Reese’s mystery Christmas shape candies may actually be repackaged Easter candy, some Tik Tok users think

  • Some users on Tik Tok and Twitter are saying the Reese’s mystery shapes are just repackaged Easter candy.
  • The holiday mystery shapes were launched in 2019, and are supposed to be a stocking, snowman, and bell.
  • Hershey did not respond to requests for comment.
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One TikTok user is suspicious of the Reese’s mystery shape pack for Christmas.

In a video posted on the platform, user joeyisgay says all the shapes look more similar to the Reese’s chocolate eggs that are sold around Easter every year. While they didn’t unwrap every piece of candy in the bag, the pieces shown on camera suggest the entire bag may contain just one shape.

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According to Delish, the new mystery shapes were launched in 2019, and marked the first new shapes in 20 years. While the shapes are supposed to be a secret, the Hershey website says the shapes are bell, stocking, and snowman shaped.

Users on Twitter shared a similar sentiment to the viral Tik Tok.

Earlier this year, another Twitter user pointed out that all Reese’s holiday themed shapes are “vaguely oval-shaped.”

Hershey did not respond to requests for comment.

While there is no way to tell for certain if this is repackaged Easter candy,increased sales by Hershey this year suggest there may not have been any leftover candy from Easter (and other big candy holidays like Halloween) for the candy maker to repackage.