23 of Reese Witherspoon's most iconic onscreen outfits

MGMReese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in ‘Legally Blonde.’

It’s hard to believe, but Reese Witherspoon has been acting professionally since 1991. She’s played everything from a troubled teen, to a perky law student, to an other-worldly being, and while her red carpet style has certainly evolved over the years, the costumes she’s worn on-screen have been consistently fabulous from the start.

Sometimes, Reese dresses for another decade, while other times, she’s right on trend. We’ve rounded up 23 of her most iconic film and TV looks, thus proving there’s no dress, pantsuit, or ball gown this actress can’t pull off.

Her sweet and simple picnic attire from “Cruel Intentions” sets the scene for the movie.

Columbia PicturesReese Witherspoon in ‘Cruel Intentions.’

We love a good monochrome look, and, as if we needed more proof that the ’90s have returned, this purple skirt and sweater pairing would still be trendy today.

Her elaborate, multicolored gown from “A Wrinkle in Time” is perfectly whimsical.

Walt Disney Studios Motion PicturesWitherspoon in ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’

That embellished, ruffled, poofy design was literally out of this world.

Her vest and collared shirt combo from “Election” shows she means business.

Paramount PicturesWitherspoon in ‘Election.’

It was all very preppy chic, and the plaid skirt really pulled it all together.

Her bold-shouldered dress from “The Importance of Being Earnest” is making a statement.

Miramax PicturesWitherspoon in ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.’

Yes, this story takes place in the 1890s, but if, say, Elle Fanning wore it on the red carpet tomorrow, we would wonder if it was Miu Miu.

Her standout ensemble from “Vanity Fair” shows us 1800s glamour.

Focus FeaturesWitherspoon in ‘Vanity Fair.’

Where there’s an 1800s ball, there’s an 1800s ball gown, complete with feathers and an over-the-top headpiece.

Her baggy pants and halter-neck crop top from “Freeway” is definitely different than Witherspoon’s regular outfits.

Republic FeaturesWitherspoon in ‘Freeway.’

The underwear, the eyeliner, the nameplate necklace are all totally out of the ordinary for Reese. Pretty much the opposite of Reese’s signature, feminine Draper James style, but she totally rocks it.

Her vacation-ready outfit from “Four Christmases” makes us want to take a vacay ASAP.

New Line CinemaWitherspoon in ‘Four Christmases.’

Reese’s character, Kate, was all set to go to Fiji in her oversize sunhat, sunglasses, and drop earrings. It even looks as if she’s already wearing her swimsuit.

Her belly-baring set from “Friends” is peak early 2000s.

NBCWitherspoon in ‘Friends.’

We’ve never seen Rachel wear this outfit, but her sister apparently stole it from her closet – for a date with Ross.

Her professional “ghost” ensemble from “Just Like Heaven” still screams business-casual.

DreamWork PicturesWitherspoon in ‘Just Like Heaven.’

Elizabeth was thiiiis close to wearing a black wrap-sweater, red shirt, and bootcut black pants for all eternity.

Her sparkly performance costume from “Water For Elephants” is perfect for a performance.

20th Century FoxWitherspoon in ‘Water for Elephants.’

Playing a circus performer in the 1940s, Reese rocks a few breathtaking costumes, but none are as memorable as this sparkly, silver, faux-naked bodysuit.

Her hiking look from “Wild” made us want to go out into nature.

Fox Searchlight PicturesWitherspoon in ‘Wild.’

We’re unable think about this film without imagining all of the hiking gear, which was clearly bigger than Reese herself.

Her leather jacket from “Penelope” is a classic look.

Summit EntertainmentWitherspoon in ‘Penelope.’

Such a classic piece, and yet, Reese’s twisted and braided hairdo makes it seem even cooler.

Her red dress, belt, and cowboy boots from “Hot Pursuit” is definitely unique.

Warner Bros PicturesWitherspoon in ‘Hot Pursuit.’

Officer Cooper wasn’t exactly sober when she put together this quirky western look at a local store.

Her pink dress from “The Man in the Moon” is sweet.

Metro-Goldwyn-MayerWitherspoon in ‘The Man in the Moon.’

There are two words to describe the pink dress Dani wears to dinner in this coming-of-age film: super sweet.

Her plaid skirt and crop top from “Fear” gives us “Clueless” vibes.

Universal PicturesWitherspoon in ‘Fear.’

Sure, this wasn’t the main look of the movie, but we can’t forget this crop top and plaid skirt, which seems like something straight out of “Clueless.”

Her retro outerwear “Inherent Vice” makes us want to go thrift shopping.

Warner BrosWitherspoon in ‘Inherent Vice.’

Is there a decade this woman can’t pull off? The answer is no, and this ’70s turtleneck and coat combination is proof.

Her pink suit and sunglasses from “Legally Blonde” became instantly iconic.

Metro-Goldwyn-MayerWitherspoon in ‘Legally Blonde.’

This movie is full of fashion gems, but Elle arrived at Harvard ready to make a statement in this pink suit, which coordinated with her sunglasses and Bruiser’s pink and purple shirt.

Her Jackie O inspired look from “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde” was equally memorable.

Metro-Goldwyn-MayerWitherspoon in ‘Legally Blonde 2.’

Elle continued to stick to the pink theme in the second film, this time going the more professional route and taking a tip from a former first lady.

Her full skirt and sweater from “Pleasantville” perfectly embodies the ’50s.

New Line CinemaWitherspoon in ‘Pleasantville.’

This conservative pairing was quite the contrast to the typical style of the ’90s, but once again, Reese pulls off the throwback vibe rather well.

Her fur coat from “American Psycho” can’t be ignored.

LionsgateWitherspoon in ‘American Psycho.’

Fans still talk about the voluminous hairstyle Evelyn had at her holiday party, but we can’t ignore the furry coat she wore in the car at the beginning of the movie.

Her Holly Golightly costume from Big Little Lies is a twist on the classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” ensemble.

HBOWitherspoon in ‘Big Little Lies.’

Madeline’s super short, white, leggy look was definitely the talk of the town, as well as a stylish interpretation of Audrey Hepburn.

Her wedding dress from “Sweet Home Alabama” is an iconic wedding moment.

Buena Vista PicturesWitherspoon in ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’

Even if Melanie didn’t end up saying “I do” in this modified A-line gown, it’s still an iconic movie wedding dress. We’re also into the fact that she wore a birdcage veil.

Her replica of June Carter’s performance look from “Walk the Line” gets her in character.

20th Century FoxWitherspoon in ‘Walk the Line.’

The fact that Reese looked the part – especially in this plunging, printed dress – only enhanced her performance, which resulted in an Oscar and a Golden Globe for the star.

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