Reed College Is Investigating A Complaint About Students Showing Up Naked To Welcome Freshmen To Class

A decade-long tradition at Reed College has prompted a
Title IX investigationafter students began showing up to the event naked, according to a school wide email from Reed President John Kroger.

A Reed spokesperson told the Oregonian that the complaint stemmed from an school-wide ritual on the first day of Humanities 110, which is required for all freshmen. According to the Oregonian:

Each fall for about the past decade … juniors and seniors gather outside the building to demand that freshmen offer up ‘libations’ for the gods. The students pour some of their coffee or beverage on the ground in return for the gods’ granting them good luck for the coming academic year … This year, while some students were dressed as gods, others were naked — although students have come naked in previous years as well.

Not only were the students naked, but Kroger noted in his email that many were also “yelling and gesticulating, and freshmen could not enter the building without encountering them.”

The Associated Press reports that the Title IX complaint “alleged that making people once victims of sexual assault go through such a gauntlet violates federal law prohibiting discrimination based on sex in educational programs that get federal funding.”

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