‘Redskins’ Is Now Officially Considered To Be Offensive And Derogatory According To US Government Agency

Dan Snyder, Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins fight to keep their name took another blow as the United State Patent and Trademark office ruled that the term “Redskins” is derogatory and offensive according to Lisa Desjardins of CNN.com.

The ruling came when an individual from Maryland tried to trademark the name “Redskins Hog Rinds.” The agency rejected the application ruling that the term “Redskins” is “a derogatory slang term that refers to, and is considered offensive by, American Indians.”

According to the report, the agency based its decision on several factors including the National Congress of American Indians, who uses “R*dskins” or “R Word” in place of “Redskins.” The agency also cited definitions for the term found in five dictionaries as well as news stories of Native Americans challenging the team’s name.

US Code forbids trademarks from being “immoral, deceptive, or scandalous matter; or matter which may disparage or falsely suggest a connection with persons, living or dead.”