This Dumb Penalty Cost RG3 And The Redskins A Shot At Overtime

Late in the fourth quarter, the Redskins trailed the Rams 31-28. Redskins receiver Josh Morgan caught an RG3 pass just short of the first down at the Rams 29-yard line.This would have given Redskins kicker a good spot to kick a field goal and tie the game, but Morgan got mad, and threw the ball in a Rams’ face, drawing a 15-yard personal foul.

To be fair to Morgan, Rams defender Cortland Finnegan did push him a little, but Morgan should have tried to restrain his temper because he may have cost them the game.

The Redskins were forced to go for a 62-yard field goal on fourth down, which was short and wide right.

Here’s the dumb penalty:

josh morgan redskins gif

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