Redlasso Strikes Back At TV Networks, Hires Former CBS Chief As Advisor

Redlasso isn’t going to go away quietly. The online video clips service, threatened with legal action last week by Fox (NWS), CBS (CBS), NBC (GE) and others, says it’s not going to stop recording TV broadcasts and offering up the footage for online use. And it’s hired hired its own heavy: former CBS chief executive Michael Jordan joined the company as an advisor to head up talks with the networks.

“I have joined forces with Redlasso because I have the greatest belief in the solution offered by the company and its long term viability,” Jordan said, in a statement. “Redlasso is converting a marketplace challenge into an opportunity for content providers, advertisers and the online community, creating a new value for traditional perishable content.”

In its response to the networks, Redlasso says more of what it told us last week: we’re a great service creating opportunities for the TV networks and they should work with us, not fight us. The blogging community loves us; we had 24 million unique visits in April and 10 million video streams.

What Redlasso isn’t saying: that the service it provides is in any way legal, though it does go to pains to classify what it’s doing as enabling “social commentary on newsworthy events,” which would be covered under the Fair Use protection under copyright law. But as we’ve explained before, Redlasso can’t make that claim about all the TV it records and disseminates.

UPDATE: We spoke with Redlasso COO Al McGowan, who argues that Redlasso is simply allowing bloggers to comment on the news. The terms of service require that the video is used for that purpose and clips are limited to 10 minutes in length.

“We believe what we are doing is legal; we are not trying to build a business on a legal technicality,” he says. “We are building a business that makes sense for bloggers, publishers and advertisers. It’s a solution to a problem we all know exists.”

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