Redfoo revealed on Australian radio why he quit trading stocks

America singer and DJ Redfoo, best known for dancing around in a sparkling budgie smugglers, used to be a day trader before his music career.

In an interview with Australia FM radio hosts Ryan and Rosie on WA’s Hot FM today, Redfoo spoke about his time as a trader.

“I used to do a lot of the day trading and the stocks. I used to have the Ameritrade and trade options,” he said.

Foo said he used to work from home but at the end of the day was wasting money and so sought a career change.

“The only thing I didn’t like about it is that you’re kind of placing bets on other companies. You’re reading the stats on the company and the management and the history, and it’s kind of like gambling in a sense.

“[Then] I said, ‘You know, I can’t control what these companies do. I want to put all my efforts into my own company and I want to put the bet on myself’. So I kind of just learned after losing a tonne of money that I would have rather spent that money on developing my own business and my music stuff and the studio.

Youtube/ LMFAO screenshot.

“It just taught me a lot about business and where to kind of focus and where my happiness was.”

Despite the clearly very different industries, Foo said there were still some similarities, like working without a shirt: “It’s a very sexy game”.

At the end of the interview Ryan and Rosie asked him if he would rap them a sing about stocktrading to his LMFAO hit “Party Rock Anthem”.

Here’s what he came up with on the spot:

“Everyday I trade the stocks, I wake up no shirt and my socks. I get on the internet and I and make you sweat, yeah.

“Cause I make all the money then I go to the club and I get real funny yeah.

“Walking around girls like bunnies in a sound.

“Cheesey booty, cheesy booty on the money

“Cheesey, cheesey booty on the money.”

Maybe impromptu isn’t his thing.

Here’s the audio:

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