Redesigned Forbes Hits Newsstands Next Week – See It Early Here

lewis dvorkinLewis D’Vorkin.

New Forbes chief Lewis D’Vorkin, founder of the blogging startup True/Slant (which Forbes has swallowed), announced in early August that the magazine would get a redesign to coincide with the release of the Forbes 400 issue.That issues comes out on Wednesday. So does the new Forbes 400 website.

Insiders tell us D’Vorkin met with the entire editorial staff for the first time two weeks ago to give them a presentation on both redesigns — the same presentation he had been shopping around to advertisers earlier this summer, a copy of which Business Insider has obtained.

Take a look at some of the mocked up pages >>

We also stumbled upon a Facebook page — title:  “The Future of Media is Here” — that Forbes has set up to promote the relaunch.

There, Forbes describes its “re-architecture”:

The mantra of our re-architecture is interaction—introducing an open platform where readers, users and marketers have a voice, telling their story in their own words. What this means is that, we’ve broken down the barriers between these groups, creating a transparent, participatory platform with Forbes’ authoritative journalism firmly planted at the centre.

Right. But what will this thing actually look like?

“More graphics, more white space, a lot more web content being incorporated into the front of the magazine,” said a staffer who was present at the meeting last week.

Here’s how D’Vorkin describes the redesign in a video below:

We’ve rearchitected these pages to be dynamic, to be real time, for folks to be able to follow the entrepreneurs, the business people, the wealthy people, those who they’re intrigued by, and that’s how we’ve rearchitected that page ….  We live in the web world. How do you take those tenets and seamlessly integrate them throughout a product? On the web, you can take marketing content and consumer content and put it contextually within a website. We can do the same thing with consumer reaction and marketing content and put that within the content flow of the magazine.

On the web side, Forbes has been building up a new, True/Slant-esque blogging site that will eventually be merged with a redesigned Every staffer is now required to maintain his or her own personal blog, though there are no posting quotas or pageview mandates in place just yet, staffers tell us.

Over the past few months, as D’Vorkin has assumed editorial control of both the magazine and, there have been several top-of-the-masthead departures, including co-editor Paul Maidment and online managing editor Carl Lavin. Meanwhile, William Baldwin, who was essentially the magazine’s longtime editor-in-chief in all but title (Steve Forbes gets that), worked out a deal to become a columnist and features writer, and managing editor Tom Post has more or less taken over Baldwin’s old job.

A Forbes spokesperson would only comment to confirm that “the newly redesigned Forbes magazine and re-architectured 
website will launch Wednesday night September 22 @ 6:00pm (EST). They start shipping
to newsstand and subscribers Wednesday evening.”

Meanwhile, the White House is ripping Forbes to shreds over its recent cover story on President Obama. Considering the staff is also closing the Forbes 400 today, we’d imagine the newsroom is pretty hectic right about now.

Here’s D’Vorkin’s introduction from the Facebook page:

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