Silk Road Fans On Reddit Go Ballistic After Seizure

Silk Road, an anonymous Internet marketplace known as a destination for buying illegal drugs, has been seized by the FBI and its alleged owner arrested.

The news has prompted Reddit’s Silk Road community, r/SilkRoad, to freak out.

Here are some of the most recent topics:

Most of the discussion is limited to one thread, however: “SR shutdown fallout discussion”.

On this thread, it appears that some people have lost some serious money (they are not getting much sympathy though):

Others are worried that they may not get their drugs:

There are worries that users’ data could be compromised:

Those with orders in transit are worried that the vendors won’t get paid:

Some are worried about how they will order illicit supplies now:

Others worry about the price of Bitcoin:

There’s some theories that a Silk Road alternative, Atlantis, may have been behind the seizure somehow. Atlantis itself, which billed itself as a “flashier” alternative to SR, was shut down last month:

For at least one person, however, there’s a bright side:

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