Reddit Users Share 25 Ways To Make Your Life Easier

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Life Pro Tips is a section on Reddit where users share ideas for making life more efficient. The tips are so savvy, they can be used anywhere.

We’ve rounded up 25 of our favourites and are sharing them here. 

Slick antiperspirant on your feet before hiking and running. It will cut down on blisters and keep your feet warm in the winter.

When camping, strap a head lamp to a gallon jug of water. The tent will be filled with ambient light.

Unscented dental floss can be used to cut cakes, cheeses and other soft foods perfectly.

Use a clean dustpan to fill a container that won't fit in the sink.

Use Windex to remove carpet stains.

Use toothpaste to clean dirty headlights.

Use a pair of scissors instead of a Phillips-Head screwdriver in a pinch.

Apply cayenne pepper directly to a toothache to lessen the pain.

Wrap a wet paper towel around a beverage and stick it in the freezer to make it ice cold.

On vacation, hide emergency cash in an empty Chapstick container.

Stick cotton balls up your nose before you cut onions. This will keep your eyes from tearing.

Use a clothespin to hold a nail while hammering.

Dry contact lenses? Dab water on closed eyelids.

Use nail polish to colour code keys.

Turn a cereal container into a trash can for your car.

Keep salespeople from pestering you by wearing headphones while you shop.

Flatten ground meat before freezing. It will thaw quicker and more evenly.

Check your local thrift store for a cheap power adaptor rather than buying a new one.

Turn credit cards upside-down to make them easier to pull from your wallet.

To check bad breath: Lick your wrist, wait a few seconds, and then smell it.

Bread tags make excellent cord labels.

To remove furniture scratches: Crack open a walnut and rub the kernel over the scratch.

Apply pressure to an itch. The reduced blood flow will stop the irritation.

Use guitar picks to crack gadgets open.

Turn used Nutella jars into perfect glass tumblers.

Hack your way to a better life ...

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