A Reddit user hatched the perfect plan to stop someone stealing his parking spot — and it left his victim without a car and a $3,700 fine

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  • In a Reddit post that has gone viral, one user describes the act of calculated retribution against a man that kept taking his parking space.
  • Reddit user Goalnado reserves a parking space, which he rents for about $2,089 a year.
  • When a stranger took his space for 10 days straight, Goalnado hatched an elaborate plane to make him pay.
  • Goalnado used his brother’s car to box the man in, resulting in him paying numerous fines for being parked illegally.
  • Trying to find a parking space close to work can be a nightmare, especially when the nearest parking lot only houses about eight cars.

    So when a stranger parked in Reddit user Goalnado’s reserved parking lot – which he rents for $2,089 a year – for 10 days straight despite numerous warnings, Goalnado hatched an elaborate plan to get his revenge.

    And boy, did the stranger pay for his mistake.

    “I contemplated phoning the parking company, who would have come and issued the person a ticket (they have our reg numbers, so they know which cars belong there), but I didn’t think that was a strong enough response,” said Goalnado in his post on Reddit.

    The post had been commented on more than 900 times at the time of writing.

    Instead, he came up with an evidently effective, yet harsh, plan.

    It dawned on him that one of his colleagues was going to be on paternity leave for two weeks, and that his brother was going to be in Canada on a holiday for a month, leaving him with a spare parking space and his brother’s car at his disposal.

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    “So, I waited until as late as possible on Friday evening, before parking my brother’s car directly behind my space, blocking the guy’s car in. I then proceeded to phone the parking company, and gave them my brother’s registration, to ensure that his car wouldn’t be touched the entire time it was parked,” said Goalnado.

    “I also made sure to mention that there has been a red Ford Fiesta Zetec, that keeps parking illegally, and that maybe they should come on Monday to issue them a ticket”.

    And that just marked the beginning of the stranger’s misery.

    Sure enough, when Goalnado arrived at work on Monday morning, he saw an “extremely irate, sweaty man screaming at the parking enforcement officer for issuing him a ticket, because he is obviously unable to move”.

    But as the car blocking him was parked in the lot legally, while he wasn’t, there was nothing that the parking attendant could do about it – other than to give him a $A175 fine, of course.

    Goalnado wanted to make sure that the man learnt his lesson, and left his brother’s car there for the entire month. He even went as far as to park a 10-minute walk away after his colleague returned from leave.

    “I didn’t care that it inconvenienced me, I just wanted retribution,” he said.

    As the man could not figure out who the owner of the car was, he was stuck with 18 more fines over the course of the month that his car was boxed in. Talk about a painful lesson.

    But the fun was finally up when Goalnado’s brother got back from his holiday, and he decided to move the car.

    Unsurprisingly, the stranger hasn’t been back to steal his space since.

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