Reddit Reports HUGE Traffic Numbers Today: 1.2B Page Views Per Month

Reddit logo


Reddit reported major numbers in traffic growth today on its official blog.

Reddit, for those of you unfamiliar, is a social news site that allows users to submit links to stories from other sites or contribute original content.

The community news sharing site has seen a 37% jump in unique visitors (13.7 million to 18.8 million) and a 25% increase in page views (999 million to 1.228 billion), as reported by Social Beat.

The CondĂ© Nast-owned site’s General Manager Erik Martin also shares the average time a person stays on the site: 15.5 minutes. Not bad.

How did they do it?

“Martin said he attributes the steady growth to members of the Reddit community scoring mainstream news attention and the creation of new sub-Reddit communities, which are sub-categories of the main site that focus on a specific topic.”

Reddit is also welcoming three new programmers: Logan Hanks (from Google), Keith Mitchell (from Oracle) and recent graduate Brian Simpson.

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