Take A Look At The Office Where Reddit Employees Control The Front Page Of The Internet

For such a well-trafficked site, Reddit keeps its number of employees relatively low and uses an unapologetically retro site design, yet it’s a near-bottomless source of news and humour for the Internet-at-large every single day.

The company doesn’t have its own dedicated space, but instead operates out of a San Francisco co-working space that seems to mirror the positive, low-key vibe of the site.

Reuters recently came through and took the some pictures of the Reddit workspace.

A sign on the door warns of nerds who shouldn’t be allowed to escape.

Reddit’s red-eyed alien mascot greets you when you walk in.

These appear to be the previously mentioned nerds — Reddit employees pore over their computer screens.

Reddit programmer Keith Mitchell works beside an image of the Reddit alien piloting a giant robot.

The office is littered with images of the company mascot. Here’s a large one:

But there are smaller ones all over the place.

Reddit saw 713 million unique visitors last year, and it did it all with a small team and alien mascots.

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