Reddit Users Share Their Most Unusual MacGyver Moments

Angus MacGyver, the main character of the timeless television show, has escaped many a fate with nothing more than the random objects he has in front of him.

Over on Reddit, users are sharing their best “MacGyver moments,” where they were able to extricate themselves from sticky situations using non-obvious tools.

One user fixed a $250,000 satellite antenna with aluminium foil.

'Working on a ship in the Arctic. New satellite antenna installed in Norway isn't working quite right. Would periodically fail to transmit and would often drop the connection entirely.

'Figured it was interference from the closely located ship radar array (the spinning things you see on top of large ships).

'Got a roll of heavy duty tinfoil from the kitchen, went topside, and wrapped everything in the radome in aluminium foil, aside from the dish.

'Fixed it.'


You can unfreeze your car doors by peeing on them.

'Me and my friend went to a ski slope in his old Skoda (86 model, looked like a 60s car). It was cold that night and after the skiing the doors of the Skoda had all frozen. My friend fixed it by pulling the rubber seal of one of the windows, he then proceeded to pee through the gap by the window onto the locking mechanism inside the door so he could unlock it. Problem solved.'


You can perform minor surgery with a piece of wire.

'We used a piece of wire found in the earthquake rubble as a stylet to intubate a baby after the earthquake in Port au Prince, Haiti. Not exactly the 'right' way to do it, but at that point it doesn't really matter.

'Here is a slideshow of a bunch of the pictures I took on that trip. Hopefully they can clear up any misconceptions about how little equipment my particular team had to work with and how bad the situation was.'


You can end pesky roommate problems with a rubber band.

'My college roommate was a psycho. The worst of it all is he loved to keep our thermostat above 80 F--KING DEGREES at night. Even if I turned the thermostat down before bed he would sneak out and turn it back up.

'So I came up with a solution.

'I opened up the thermostat (it was an old mechanical one). Inside I tied a rubber band between the nobgobbler and wheeltinkerer (the two levers inside). The effects of this rubber band offset the temperature by 10 degrees so that when the thermostat was reading 80 degrees, it was really blasting 70 degree air. It worked so well, brilliant.'


Or turn rubber bands into all kinds of guns.

'In middle school I found a stash of rubber bands, like in the thousands in a janitor closet. Give a 7th grader a thousand rubber bands, and he can engineer a gun out of anything.'


On a long-distance trip, this user fixed an aeroplane's video system while it was in flight.

You can crack a keypad safe with dust.

'When i would get in trouble as a youth of 14 or 15, my mum had a lock box with a keypad entry system where she would keep my effects (GameBoy, phone, laptop, etc).

'One night, while I was grounded, I collected dust from our grandfather clock and coated the keypad in it. I asked my mum if she could help me wash some grapes in the kitchen, and then asked to use my phone to call a friend about a group project. The water on her fingers cleaned the dust off of 4 numbers, and then it was just a matter of trying the different combinations to discover the code.'


You can pick a complicated-looking lock with just a paperclip.

'Helping my buddy and his wife clean up their new place, there was an old padlock on a hasp that couldn't be removed in any convenient way. I determined it was a pin tumbler-type lock. I ask him for a paperclip, and while they were making fun of me I calmly broke the clip into two pieces, inserted one as a tension tool, then used the other to rake the pins above the sheer line and about 30 seconds later -- pop! -- i had the lock open.

'Tossed the lock to my buddy and went outside for a smoke without even glancing at them. Bond. James Bond.'


You can make a spatula out of a beer can.

'One time I was out camping and after firing up the grill, we realised that we did not have a spatula. As a solution, I shoved a beer can over the end of a stick and smashed it with a rock. It worked like a charm.'


Fix a car with a makeup brush.

'I was on a date once and I had a rusted out 1974 Impala. I had to un-stick the butterfly valve on the carburetor, so I used my mascara wand to unjam it.'


Fix a bra with a coat hanger.

'I used part of a coat hanger to replace the underwire in my bra a few times. When you have G cups, it's worth fixing rather than blowing $60+ every time the underwire breaks or tears through the fabric.'


This user saved his own life using a sewing kit.

'Was backpacking and slipped down a cliff. I ripped open my chest pretty good and was about two days from medical. I had a basic sewing kit in my backpack and stitched myself up. The stitching held until I got back to civilisation a couple days later and the doctors commented on how good my stitches were. Still have a big scar, but it is an awesome story.'


Start your car with a squirt gun.

'I was driving a Mercedes 240D and ran out of gas. Couldn't get the thing to start, apparently it had vapor lock. I happened to have a water pistol in the car, so I put some diesel in it, opened up the air intake, and squirted fuel into the air intake while my friend turned the ignition. Started right up.'


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