14 Things You Probably Do That Infuriate Your Bartender

Bartending sounds like a cool job in theory. You learn how to make drinks, watch funny drunk people all night, and are paid to be in a bar.

But the reality is a whole lot less fun since bartending is a service job that can often show the unflattering side of humanity. Sloppy drunks, spills, rude clientele, and annoying orders are what bartenders around the world look forward to each night.

In a recent AskReddit thread, bartenders on Reddit answered the question “What is something that we do at bars that piss you off?” Keep reading to learn how to treat your bartender better.

1. Don’t snap your fingers (or do anything else annoying to get their attention).

“This isn’t work. This is a bar. Everyone gets served in a timely fashion unless I’m avoiding you, which I have no problem telling that I am, and you’ll have to wait for the other bartender. I’m not your personal bartender, so don’t yell at me when I’m taking orders. If I skip you, it was probably an accident (unless I’ve told you previously that I will not wait on you). Just stay calm and you’ll get your drink. Yelling, screaming and waving makes me move towards you slower or not at all. I know everyone thinks it’s easy to bartend a high volume bar on a weekend, but it’s not.

“Just be respectful and tip accordingly and you will be acknowledged and served all night.” – jasanova

2. Don’t haggle.

“Seriously, I don’t own the bar and I’m not in any position to give you discounts without taking it from my tips.” – Phr4gG3r

3. Don’t get cute.

“A girl in a nightclub went to pay me once, and then every time I went to get the note she would quickly pull away as if it was some hilarious game. This happened a few times in the middle of a busy shift until I started to take her drinks back and she finally coughed up.

“She wasn’t such a fan of the game though when I did the same back to her with her change.” – qwertylaura123

4. Don’t ask why you need to show your ID.

“The folks who throw a fit when I ask to see their ID are the worst. I live in a college town where underage kids are constantly trying to be served alcohol and members of ATF are looking to bust bars. Just hand over the ID! Even if you’re not getting a drink, here you have to be 21 to be inside a bar! You’re not funny!”

5. Don’t ask for the impossible.

“‘Give me something that’s strong, cheap and tastes good!’ You can have any two of the three.” – zerobass

6. Know what you want (and be specific).

“I don’t mind being creative and coming up with a drink for you, but you have to point me in the right direction: ‘Give me something good with GIN in it ‘ Alright, now we’re talking! ‘ I don’t know what I want, but maybe I will start with a light beer.’ OK good.

“I guess the point is that you need to have your shit together. You were not magically teleported to the bar, have an idea of what you want to drink before you get the bartender’s attention.” – CobraCornelius

7. Don’t try to get more alcohol by asking for “less ice.”

“Customers that ask for less ice then complain that their cocktail doesn’t have any alcohol in it. Less ice = more mixer = diluted alcohol flavour.” – stickeykey_board

8. Don’t tell your bartender to make your drink strong.

“You are essentially asking me to steal from my company to give you more alcohol. And that $US1 for the extra $US6 worth of booze I just stole from my company is definitely not worth risking my job for.” – FrisbeeKing

9. Don’t order your drinks one at a time.

“Please order all of your drinks at the same time! Don’t order two Makers & Cokes, I go grab the Makers, make the drinks, put it back, and you say ‘Make that three.’ I go get the Makers, make one more and you say, ‘… and a vodka gimlet.’

“Just order three Makers & Cokes and one vodka gimlet. Ordering drinks one at a time doubles the transaction time. People are waiting.” – GrammarIsPhun

10. Always order Guinness first.

“A Guinness takes a relatively long time to make as you have to leave it to settle 3/4ths of the way through pouring it, so you learn to make the Guinness first out of a round of drinks to cut down waiting time.” – MarlonBrandoLovesYou

[Ed note: This is how long it takes to pour a Guinness]

11. Don’t transfer your drink to the dining room.

“[Don’t] order drinks/appetizers at the bar, sit there for 30 minutes and then leave and go to the dining room to eat dinner. We transfer your tab, clean/re-set your seat and then you tip out the server — not us. More of a restaurant policy issue, but as a bartender, I always close my tab when I leave someone else’s bar.” – sharkabroad

12. Don’t hit on the bartender.

“Don’t hit on me. I’m here to work, not date. Besides in a bar full of drunk and available people, why would you want to hit on the only sober one?” – NoPhilosophy

13. Don’t put trash in your glass.

“Having to cram your hand inside and grope around for [trash] among the dregs of your beer is not pleasant. Its gotta come out before going in the dishwasher so please just leave it on the table or better yet find a bin. Don’t use the glass.” – Beef_souls

14. Be ready to pay.

“When you order drinks, I’ll usually tell you how much it will cost up front. This is so you can prepare payment while I’m making the cocktails. Don’t sit there and watch me make the drinks and then decide to find your wallet or crumpled up bills when I’m done. Remember, people are waiting.” – GrammarIsPhun

In conclusion: tip your bartenders and stay classy. You can see the rest of the answers here.

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