Redditors May Have A Found A New Picture Of Boston Bombing 'Suspect 2'


A redditor posted a photo of what appears to show Boston Marathon Bombing “Suspect 2” walking in the crowd behind 8-year-old victim Martin Richard, and it appears that Suspect 2’s backpack is on the ground between them.

This photo is unconfirmed.

The same photo was earlier aired by Fox 25, focusing on the bag and the suspect but blurring out faces in the crowd.

Earlier the FBI released images of two suspects and asked for the public’s help identifying them. Reddit then identified the hat of Suspect 1 and potentially found a hi-res picture of suspect two.

MelGibsonDerp points out that in the FBI images and in Fransbauer‘s hi-res image, Suspect 2 is wearing a white hat backwards and is carrying a similar backpack (which seems to have more black in the above picture because it appears to be unzipped on top).

Seeing a backpack sitting near what appears to be 8-year-old victim Martin Richard as he’s waiting for his father to come toward the finish line is heartbreaking.

Redditor kmcg103 noted that all indications is that the picture shows the second bombing because the “black door [in the background] is the door to The Forum and the brownish wood on the building to the left is the end of the Atlantic Fish sign.

Atlantic Fish is across the street of the Lord & Taylor department store, which is “directly across from the site of the blasts.

first and second bomb boston map


Again, the photo is unconfirmed. Nothing is certain because the police haven’t spoken on the matter, but what we know is this — the FBI asked for the public’s help and the hivemind appears to be delivering.

We’ll have more information as it becomes available.

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