Reddit Bans User Accounts After Receiving Takedown Requests From Sony Over Leaked Documents

SonyREUTERS/Toru HanaiA woman walks in front of Sony’s headquarters in Tokyo on Jan. 22, 2009.

Reddit has banned individual user accounts, deleted posts, and banned a subreddit after receiving “less than a handful” of takedown requests for data leaked as part of the massive Sony Pictures hack.

Sony’s internal documents and employee data have been shared online after a hacking group calling itself Guardians of Peace broke into the company’s servers and stole over 100 terabytes of information.

Over 200 gigabytes worth of documents have been posted online, and Reddit had served as a place for curious internet users to view the files.

Reddit confirmed to Business Insider that it had complied with DMCA takedown requests for the leaked content, which led to the banned accounts and communities. However, Reddit points out that “discussions and news stories” about the hack were unaffected by the bans.

The SonyGOP subreddit had served as a hub for the leaked files, organising download links for the documents. That subreddit is now banned, and its sole administrator’s Reddit account has been deleted.

Sony is embarking on a campaign to try to minimize the damage caused by the leaked files. On Sunday, Sony contacted news organisations to demand they cease publishing information contained in the leaks and that they delete any copies of the documents.

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