People are calling Woolworths out for using unnecessary plastic packaging just days after the plastic bag ban

Australian supermarket chain Woolworths is copping criticism from customers after a photo was shared on Reddit, showing the apparent hypocrisy of the plastic bag ban.

Well done Woolworths for getting rid of those plastic bags from r/australia

Reddit user trekpeddler posted the photo on the site on Tuesday, only 6 days after the plastic bag ban came into effect.

Commentors are up in arms about the apparent waste of plastic, with user flukus commenting: “They didn’t get rid of plastic bags, they started charging people to waste more plastic”.

Another user, Dimbit, said: “I use reusable produce bags but when I look at just about every other thing I’m buying that’s packaged in plastic I feel a little depressed at how hard it is to make a difference.”

Woolworths and Coles announced the impending plastic bag ban in July last year.

Experts say that the plastic bag ban has nothing to do with helping the environment, but is instead a scheme that could save supermarket chains $1 million a year.