Reddit's Hilarious New Ad Sales Pitch Deck --  With Doge And Nicholas Cage --  Is What All Ad Sales Pitch Decks Should Be Like

Reddit 1RedditA detail from Reddit’s new ad sales deck.

Most people don’t know that Reddit has a small but thriving advertising business.

This is, after all, a site that gets more than 100 million unique visitors in a single month. It’s a mass medium, which is why advertisers like it, but it also contains so many niche channels that brands can target their audiences almost microscopically on the site — and no one else knows they are there.

Last year, Reddit hired a new sales and strategy chief, Mike Cole, to beef up its sponsor roster. We brought you his first (hilarious) sales pitch deck back in May, and now he’s got a new one.

It’s awesome. (Download your own copy here.)

Welcome! Doge has you covered.

Is your company endorsed by Bill Murray? No. Of course not.

Reddit has, surprisingly, been ignored by the ad world until very recently.

To be fair, Reddit sometimes has what advertisers would call 'non-compliant content' on it ...

Nic Cage reference!

Denny's case study. Marketing people love their case studies ...

Which is why there is a bunch of them in this deck ...

But note the calibre of brands that are active on Reddit ...

(Not sure this is a 'real' stat.)

The Economist has tried it ...

This slide is interesting because it shows how brands can handle PR crises on Reddit -- assuming they're willing to have a sense of humour about it.

'Snoo' is a reference to the alien that is Reddit's mascot.

Here are the media and targeting options. Reddit is a lot more flexible than most advertisers think.

118 million uniques! That is more people than the Super Bowl.

And ... scene!

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