How To Win Friends And Influence People On Reddit, The Front Page Of The Internet

New reddit meme failRedditA meme from Reddit.

We could stand to learn a thing or two from Reddiquette, the (semi-official) code of conduct for Reddit users.

Reddit, the “front page of the Internet,” is a social behemoth of a site that lets people instantly create or join a web community about any topic. Users submit links or text posts and others vote them up or down based on how interesting they find the content. This leaves you with a prioritised list of what people in a community find most interesting at any given moment.

If you didn’t already know, Reddit’s engagement is massive. In the whole of 2012, it saw 37 billion pages served to 400 million unique visitors. Redditors voted 4 billion times, an average of 133 per post.

We can’t help but feel like the quality guidelines for how to behave on the site have quite a bit to do with these impressive statistics. Check them out — not only do many of them make good rules for your offline life, knowing them can keep you from getting your account banned.

Search for duplicates before posting.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

No one likes a visit to the Department of Redundancy Department. You add far more value when you share a brand new something than when you post a YouTube compilation of people falling down for the seventh time. (It's still hilarious after seven times, though.)

This also extends to posting hoaxes. Check first.

Don't engage in illegal activity.

This should be a pretty reasonable expectation. Don't buy or sell stolen stuff. Don't plot murders. Use common sense lest you end up like these poor souls in the picture to the right.


The posts and comments you see first are there because enough people liked them and voted them up. One of the whole ideas behind Reddit is to get the top quality stuff, well, to the top.

So vote for cool stuff and vote against the dregs and make the community a cooler, more current, and more interesting place.

Don't game the voting system.

Given the tone of all the previous Reddiquette guidelines, the rules surrounding voting for or against a post likely won't come as any surprise.

Don't try to game the voting system -- let the interesting stuff rise to the top on its own merit.

Don't mass-downvote someone's stuff just because you don't like them personally. Go on the quality of the submission.

Keep that golden rule stuff in mind and you'll go far.

Don't submit a post in all caps!

It's shouting. Mellow out.

Don't go on a posting rampage.

Slow down there, chief.

If you bombard Reddit with too many posts in too short an amount of time, you can be called out by the spam filter. Keep at it longer and your account can be blocked in such a way that no one sees your posts except you.

Are you into public transportation?

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