While Netflix Stumbles, Redbox Is Launching A Huge National Branding Campaign


Netflix is having an absolutely brutal month, and its competitor Redbox is primed to strike.

Those bright red DVD kiosks scattered across the country represent one of the biggest threats to Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service, and right when Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ customers revolted last month, the execs at Redbox started planning their attack, reports AdAge.

What exactly does Redbox have up its sleeve?

It’s firing up its first ever national branding campaign, looking to position Redbox as a cheap, reliable, hassle-free alternative to Netflix, and stressing that it gives its customers products that they want.

And while its newly signed ad agency Camp & King gets that campaign prepped, Redbox is hitting the social web with its Redbox Share Your Love website and corresponding hashtag, #iloveredboxbecause, to get its loyal fans amped.

So heads up Netflix — there’s plenty more where this came from. And remember, there are more competitors out there licking their chops, and not just in the offline business.

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