Red Wine May Have Another Positive Use, As An Agent To Protect Against Cancer

Photo: Getty

A chemical found in red wine may help fight off cancer, say researchers who studied the effect in mice.

Last month, another study found that flavonoids which are also found in red wine may offer protection from type 2 diabetes.

This month French and Italian scientists says both resveratrol – a chemical found in red wine – and aspirin appear to fight cancer cells.

Oral doses of resveratrol and aspirin reduced the accumulation of tetraploid cells, which are frequently found in precancerous lesions in the intestine.

The researchers say this suggests a potential protective role for the drugs against cancer.

The study, Resveratrol and aspirin eliminate tetraploid cells for anticancer chemoprevention, was published in PNAS (The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science) in the US.

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