3 Red Sox Players Slept At Fenway Park Sunday Night To Avoid Monday-Morning Traffic

After a win against the Baltimore Orioles that ended at 10:40 Sunday night, Clay Buchholz, Mike Napoli, and John Lackey stayed overnight at Fenway Park.

With a game set to start just under 12 hours later for the Red Sox annual Patriot’s Day game, Napoli told The Boston Globe it was the best decision.

The players slept in a “sleep room” just above the Red Sox’s clubhouse. Napoli said he and Lackey shared a bunk bed.

“I took the bottom,” Napoli told The Globe. “I had Lackey above me and that scared me a little bit — that he was going to fall through.”

The Red Sox trio was able to stay at Fenway thanks to architect Janet Marie Smith’s renovation of “an amazing amount of space” above the Red Sox clubhouse, which includes a room with six beds.

After sleeping in Fenway, Buchholz, the starting pitcher, gave up six runs and seven hits in a 7-6 loss against the Orioles.

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