Red Sox Pitcher Dismisses Fan Complaints About His Recent Golf Outing

Josh Beckett has caused a firestorm in Boston after it was revealed that he played golf on a recent off-day, the day after it was announced that he would miss his next start with a sore back muscle.

And Beckett may have added gasoline to the fire last night when he, in his own words, “pitched like s—” in his first start since the golf outing, and then took a dismissive attitude during the post-game press conference when he was asked about the fans being angry.

When asked if the fans have a right to question why he was playing golf, Beckett again said “not on my off-day.” But the most damning response may have been when Beckett said “we get 18 off-days a year, I think we deserve a little time to ourselves.”

Off course, this completely ignores the off-season, which for most teams was about 135 days this past winter. And it also doesn’t consider that he is a starting pitcher and pitches just three times every two weeks.

But hey, when you are Josh Beckett and you are making $15.75 million per year, what’s a few (dozen) days amongst friends?

Here are some highlights from his press conference (via…


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