Photos Of Red Sox Players Before And After They Had Playoff Beards

The Boston Red Sox have been growing their playoff beards since the summer.

They’re now big and fluffy.

Boston fans love it, but many of these guys are better off clean shaved.

Take a look at these before and after photos of 16 players, and decide for yourself.

Mike Carp before

Mike Carp after

Shane Victorino before

Shane Victorino after

John Lackey before

John Lackey after

Mike Napoli before

Mike Napoli after

Stephen Drew before

Stephen Drew after

David Ross before

David Ross after

Jonny Gomes before

Jonny Gomes after

Dustin Pedroia before

Dustin Pedroia after

Jared Saltalamacchia before

Jared Saltalamacchia after

Jon Lester before

Jon Lester after

David Ortiz before

David Ortiz after

Craig Breslow before

Craig Breslow after

Brandon Workman before

Brandon Workman after

Clay Buchholz before

Clay Buchholz after

Will Middlebrooks before

Will Middlebrooks after

Jake Peavy before

Jake Peavy after

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