You can now buy 'red only' and 'blue only' bags of Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch KidsSour Patch Kids have a new release and a lot of people are excited.
  • Fans of Sour Patch Kids have been wishing for one-flavour-only bags of the popular candy for quite some time.
  • It seems the company has listened to consumer requests by announcing its release of red-only and blue-only bags of Sour Patch Kids.
  • The single-flavour packs will only be available for a limited time at select 7-Eleven locations.
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After days of teasing single-flavour packs, Sour Patch Kids officially announced the release of special “Just Red” and “Just Blue” bags of the popular sour-then-sweet candy.

The new packs of Sour Patch Kids contain only blue or only red candies, ensuring that you get a specific flavour every single time.

These single-flavour bags will be available for a limited time at certain 7-Eleven locations

Blue sour patch kidsInstagram/sourpatchkidsYou can buy all-blue packs of the candy.

In the comments of the brand’s Instagram announcement, fans are already reacting with enthusiasm for their favourite flavours, declaring their love for either blue (blue raspberry) or red (what appears to be cherry) Sour Patch Kids.

Fans of these flavours will no longer have to pick through mixed bags of Sour Patch Kids just to pick out their favourite candies. As many commentors wrote, they were thrilled their “favourite flavours were finally separated.”

Though it seems like the red and blue guys are two of the brand’s most popular candies, some fans commented asking why other flavours and colours, such as green (lime), orange, or yellow (lemon), weren’t included in the launch.

It remains to be seen if other variations of these one-colour bags of candies will eventually be released. For now, fans of the brand’s blue and red candies can now exclusively enjoy their favourite flavours.

Sour Patch Kids isn’t the first brand to debut packs of candies devoted to one specific flavour

All pink starburstStarburstThese all-pink packs are pretty popular.

Starburst is known for its packs containing red, yellow, orange, and pink chewy candies. But back in 2017, Starburst released limited-edition all-pink strawberry packs of its candies.

Though these all-pink packs were supposed to be available only for a limited time, it looks you like you can still purchase them today. This isn’t super surprising considering pink Starbursts have long-been a fan favourite.

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