A Los Angeles Restaurant Just Unveiled A $100 Margarita For The 1%


[credit provider=”Smohundro via Flickr” url=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/smohundro/2651847110/”]

It’s a good thing Los Angeles is known for being the land of the rich and famous, because those are the only people who will be able to afford the latest drink offering at one West Hollywood hotspot.Red O, the much-hyped Los Angeles eatery from celebrity chef Rick Bayless, recently added a $100 margarita to its drink menu thanks to resident mixologist Steven Calabro, according to LA Weekly. 

Calabro isn’t bashful about this drink’s sky-high pricetag, telling LA Weekly it’s a luxury he’s dubbed “the 1% margarita.”

Available only on Friday and Saturday nights, this pricey cocktail features a mix of three super-aged tequilas in a 16-ounce glass rimmed with a mixture of salt and edible gold dust. Yes, actual gold. 

But according to LA Weekly critic Barbara Hansen, the drink has more to offer than just expensive liquor. 

She writes:

See those red dots drifting inside the glass? That’s molecular caviar made from fresh blood orange juice mixed with Prunier Liqueur d’Orange. The ice cubes are frozen lime sorbet created for the margarita by pastry chef Joanne Ponvanit and made fresh daily. That’s in addition to lime juice squeezed in at the last minute — nothing is premixed — and organic agave syrup.

After all that, Hansen dubs the drink “a bargain — really. “

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