Red Lobster Has A Completely New Menu

Red Lobster has completely made over its menu in an attempt to attract customers.

The seafood chain’s sales have been declining, in part because Red Lobster is struggling to attract a younger crowd. Profits have also been hit by the soaring price of shrimp.

The company has completely redone its menu in order to attract a new clientele.

Here are the major changes.

Lobster everywhere.

Red Lobster has become known for its shrimp promotions, sometimes offering unlimited portions. But when white shrimp prices soared 50%, the company’s margins suffered.

Lobster prices have been on a steady decline, meaning that it’s a good time for the restaurant chain to incorporate more of the shellfish into its menu.

“Lobster options are now featured on almost every page at broad price points,” the company told Business Insider.

Red lobster new menuRed LobsterThe company hopes new menu items will attract customers.

More seafood across the board.

Red Lobster is amping up how much seafood it puts in dishes. For example, the Lobster Scampi Linguine now has as much lobster (6 oz.) as pasta.

The Roasted Maine Lobster Bake comes with three lobster tails, while the Ultimate Shrimp entree now contains 50% more shrimp.

The company hopes that amping up genuine seafood in menu items will attract more customers.

Red lobster new menuRed LobsterLobster tacos are one new menu item.

User-friendly menu.

The company says the new menu is two pieces, where the old one was five pieces.

Menu items are also presented in the way diners order, “beginning with drinks and ending with desserts,” the company says.

Menu pages are encased in a binder, allowing for “better customisation, updating and regionalizing.”

It’s likely that Red Lobster’s redesigned menu could impact sales.

IHOP boosted sales by 4% after making over its menu.

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