Red Hat Is Hiring So Many People That Its CEO Is Stuck In A 'Crummy' Cubby

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst's officeRed Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst’s office

Photo: Red Hat. Used by permission.

If you’re looking for a job at a very hot, fast-growing company, think about Red Hat. Just don’t expect a fancy office to be part of the deal.Red Hat is adding more than 1,000 to its payroll in 2012, at a rate of about 250 people per quarter, CEO Jim Whitehurst told Business Insider. It wants to grow from 4,000 employees to 5,000 by year end, to match its 20% growth in business.

And then it plans to rinse and repeat.

The company is about to move into new headquarters in downtown Raleigh, N.C. It’s remodeling an existing building and will christen it Red Hat Tower.

But even with the move, the CEO won’t get an amazing new office. “I’m not a big believer in spending on real estate,” he told Business Insider.

And he means it.

Whitehurst’s current office is surprisingly meager for a guy running a public company that generates over $1 billion in revenue. It’s just an ordinary cube.  “I’m still sitting in my dump — well, it’s a large cube, I guess,” he laughs.

Still, he’s not going for much of an upgrade.

“It’s amazing. We’re moving into this new HQ’s and we’re already projecting to run out of space in the next couple years. It’s a high class problem to have,” says Whitehurst.

He will, at least, take a room with a door. 

“I’m not doing the Facebook sit-in-the-middle thing. I love the idea but I have to be confidential. It’s hard to be on the phone. So I’ll probably have either a cube or a little tiny office. Let’s put it this way: 10 of my new offices would fit in my old Delta office,” he jokes.

Whitehurst was COO of Delta Airlines before he joined Red Hat.

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