Suicide Bomber Attacks Red Cross Compound In Afghanistan

Red Cross attack Afghanistan

An insurgent suicide bomber blew himself up outside an International Committee of the Red Cross compound in Jalalabad, Afghanistan before other militants stormed the building with guns.

Afghan authorities engaged in a gun battle with the insurgents. Six foreign staff members and dozens of local employees work in the Jalalabad office, according to Reuters.

The Red Cross is reportedly working to determine the whereabouts of the people who were in the compound at the time of the attack.

An official told the BBC that one guard was killed, according to Mahfouz Zubaide, a BBC producer in Kabul. Zubaide also reports that all Red Cross employees from the compound have been rescued.

Hamid Shalizi, a Reuters correspondent in Kabul, Afghanistan, reports that all three attackers were killed and one Red Cross staff member was wounded.

Last week, the Taliban claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing attack in Kabul. The target of the bombing was initially unclear, but was later reported to be the offices of the International organisation for Migration.

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