"Red Coat Bandit" Threatens To Bomb A Manhattan Citi Branch

red coat bandit

Photo: FBI

A man the FBI are calling the “Red Coat Bandit,” is on the loose after he threatened to blow up a Citi branch in Manhattan last night.Details below.

As the bank managers and tellers were preparing to close the doors in midtown around 6:15 pm, the Red Coat Bandit walked into the branch.

He then brandished a hoax bomb equipped with wires and a detonator and threatened to blow up the bank.

The Red Coat Bandit is described as an Indian male, approximately 30 years old, and 5’10” tall.

At the time of the robbery he was outfitted in a boonie hat, a black scarf or ski mask, his now infamous red hooded jacket, black gloves, light blue jeans, and work boot. Police think he may have been checking out an ATM earlier in the day.

Authorities know little else.

Possibly related: In late December a man tried to rob a BofA branch by claiming he had a bomb too, and wasn’t caught either.

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