Red Bull Is Absolutely Obsessed With Its 'Gives You Wings' Slogan

red bull paper wings

Photo: Screengrab from marlenemmk on YouTube

Red Bull’s marketing permeates the action sports world. The energy drink wants to be synonymous with excitement and risk-taking, and it has largely succeeded.The brand is plastered all over big-time extreme athletes, from Formula One drivers to freestyle motorcross riders.

But it also takes its slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” literally.

Red Bull has a series called Red Bull Air Race, which is currently being revamped for 2013. World-class pilots fly around a course in a race for the fastest time. 

It also has Red Bull Flugtag, a much-publicized contest in which people construct homemade flying machines to launch off a pier. 

And it just dropped Felix Baumgartner from the edge of space.

But there’s one event that really proves Red Bull’s commitment to its wing-giving promise.

It’s called Red Bull Paper Wings, and it’s a worldwide paper plane competition. That’s right, paper planes.

What’s so different about it compared with its other sports ventures?

There’s absolutely nothing “extreme” about it. No one’s plunging from space, no one’s racing around a track at 200 mph and no one’s barreling down a steep hill on a bike.

And there’s no connection with the action sports culture like Red Bull BC One (breakdancing) and Red Bull Art of Motion (freerunning).

The event is branded Red Bull for one reason only — wings.

That’s how serious Red Bull is about pushing that simple marketing message.

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