Red Bull locked in a massive marketing coup at Mick Fanning's first appearance after the shark attack

Red Bull is one of the biggest sponsors of world surfing and didn’t miss the opportunity to hitch its branding to the first public appearance from Mick Fanning since surviving a horrifying encounter with a shark while competing in South Africa.

Today the energy drink featured heavily in Fanning’s first media appearance since the incident on Sunday.

Both Julian Wilson, who watched at close quarters and swam towards Fanning while he was wrestling with the shark, and Fanning himself were holding cans of Red Bull and sipping from them throughout the half-hour press conference, where they recounted details of the moment that has made headlines around the world.

Behind them were two surfboards prominently displaying the energy drink’s logo. Look:

Julian Wilson, left, and Mick Fanning, leave at the end of their Sydney press conference. Photo: Screenshot

As he left the stage, Fanning went to place the Red Bull can back on his stool but a handler intervened to place it back in his hand as he walked off the set.

The resultant branding will be generate enormous media exposure for the already-heavily marketed brand as scenes from the press conference are relayed around the world over the coming days.

Here’s some of the reaction from Twitter:

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