Red Bull Girls Partying It Up In Barclays' Cafeteria


Barclays employees at the former Lehman Brothers headquarters got a jolt this afternoon when they stopped by the cafeteria. Two scantily clad girls were handing out cans of Red Bull, stimulating some traders and bankers but annoying others.

One equities trader who asked not to be identified applauded the promotion.

“We’re trying to see if we can make them a permanent feature of the second floor,” he said. “How sweet would it be to have these psuedo-stripperings running around handing out Red Bulls so we don’t ever have to leave the desk.”

Not all employees were happy about it. Some female employees objected to the women, who were wearing tight t-shirts emblazoned with the Red Bull logo.

“It’s absurd,” one Barclaysian told us. “Dick Fuld would have never allowed the 9th floor to run the same kind of promotions as a trashy Jersey nightclub.”

Barclays didn’t comment on this story because we really didn’t think it was worth asking them about.


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