5 killer recruiting tips, according to Atlassian’s head of talent

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Recruiting for any company means high stakes.

In the startup world it can literally make or break a business, so it’s something everyone needs to get right.

It’s no secret that the ability to create A+ technology is based on the people you have building it.

Companies are built on people — their smarts, their diverse backgrounds, their ability to challenge and innovate. So how do we attract the right candidates?

Here are five tips to bootstrap your brand without impacting the bottom line:

1. Know your special sauce

What’s your X-Factor? Why would someone choose your company over the 10 startups down the road?

Identify it, write it down, put it on your walls, tell anyone who will listen to you.

2. Actively seek-out fame

People often talk about having a “value proposition” — in simpler terms this means know what you want to be famous for.

Being able to tell candidates this in one sentence will have more impact than rattling off the standard “corporate journey speil” of the company.

Bring people into that big, hairy audacious dream of yours.

3. Invest time into LinkedIn

Make your Linkedin career page the best it can be.

The return on investment on this time investment will come back two fold and help you stand out in a crowded space.

4. Take inspiration, don’t copy

There are some great brands out there that do employee branding amazingly well.

Take Netflix’s culture deck for example. Let brands inspire you, but don’t copycat — identify your uniqueness and tell the world about it.

5. Hire on values

If you don’t have company values, stop everything right now, and create them.

If you do have company values, make sure they’re at the heart of you’re hiring process — from the way you write your job description all the way through to how you welcome someone on their first day.

A values-based interview is a great way to test if the candidate is a good fit for your team.

But wait, there’s one more thing: Giving back.

At Atlassian, we know that our commitment to Pledge 1% — which sees us give 1% of our profit, product, equity and employee time to charities — is one of the top reasons why people say they want to work at Atlassian.

Giving back has been in Atlassian’s DNA from day one and allows us to have a really positive impact on the world – whether it be through cash donations, free product licenses or our staff volunteering their time.

In the words of our co-founder Scott Farquhar: “it was one of the best decisions we ever made,” and we’re sure it will be for you too.

Robert Allen is the Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Atlassian.

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