This Is What Record Rainfall Did To New York's Roads [PHOTOS]

The massive rains that hit the New York area Wednesday caused significant flooding in Suffolk County, east of New York City.

The rainfall was record-setting.

So much rain fell during such a short time that the region’s roadways were inundated.

Numerous drivers had to abandon their cars or wait for rescue workers to lend an assist.

The flooding completely shut down whole swaths of the road system and made the morning commute a mess for lots of motorists.

A huge amount of rain fell in Islip, on Long Island, flooding the Southern State Parkway and forcing motorists to abandon their cars.

Some drivers stopped short of attempting to cross the sudden lakes of water that formed.

But plenty of drivers found themselves struck, with no way to continue on.

The deluge was enough to almost entirely submerge this car's wheels.

Members of the fire department in the town of Bayshore checked out cars that were abandoned during the flooding.

Firemen put their backs into rescuing stranded motorists.

Fortunately, fire and rescue trucks were able to handle the rising waters.

These trucks have high enough ground clearance to ride above the waves.

The police pushed the envelope with their vehicles in an effort to assist stranded motorists.

Normal passengers cars simply aren't design to make it through water this deep.

As quickly as possible, cars were cleared from the area.

The flatbed trucks had their work cut out for them.

Of course, their were some vehicles that could power through the flood.

A flood is never fun, but...

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