3 hunters just caught this potentially record-breaking 920-pound alligator in an Alabama lake


Three hunters caught a massive 920-pound alligator in Lake Eufaula, Alabama on August 14, according to AL.com — likely to be the largest ever caught there.

The 13-foot-6-inch American alligator is so big, it’s expected to clock in at second largest ever caught in the entire world, though Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources wildlife biologist Richard Tharp noted to AL.com that measurements still need to be officially confirmed.

“It was surreal,” hunter Scott Evans told AL.com. “We weren’t expecting anything that big.”

Alligator 2

“Before we dispatched [the gator], it’s running through your mind, ‘should we just take a picture and let it go?’ ” hunter Jeff Gregg told AL.com. “It looks like you’re looking at a dinosaur.”

Evans said he plans to prepare 250 pounds of gator meat for a Labour Day feast and taxidermy the body to be displayed at an outdoor recreation store, according to AL.com.

Alligator 3

The current record holder for the largest alligator ever caught is a 15-foot-9-inch gator that clocked in at 1,011.5 pounds and was captured in Mill Creek, Alabama, according to ABC.

The Stokes alligator, named for the family that caught it, is now on display at the Mann Wildlife Learning Museum in Montgomery, Alabama.

Check out footage of the hunt below.

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