Recession Makes This Perfect Time For "Melrose Place" Reboot

rumours that the CW wants to revive the hit ’90s drama Melrose Place have been swirling online for weeks, but now network president Dawn Ostroff says that the current economic climate would make the show particularly successful.

LA Times: Ostroff thinks the timing for the show is right. For one, “Melrose Place” spun off from “Beverly Hills, 90210,” and that worked out nicely. But more important, she said, America is facing some of the same issues that existed in 1992 when “Melrose Place” premiered.

“The pilot talked about the building being foreclosed on, people not having jobs,” she said.  “So it’s interesting that it took place in a similar time, not that there’s anything really similar to what we’re going through, but it was a time when the economy was in a downturn. And the kids were all trying to get their lives started.” (Not to mention sleep with each other).

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